Ph.D. Candidate · Electrical and Computer Engineering · Carnegie Mellon University

*I am currently searching for academic jobs in 2020--2021!*

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I am a Ph.D. candidate studying computer engineering at CMU, advised by Professor Brandon Lucia. I design the entire system stack for low-power embedded devices, including compilers, programming models, hardware, and software systems. My thesis particularly focuses on batteryless-energy harvesting devices. More generally, I am also interested in embedded devices with heterogeneous computation and memory hardware, and how to efficiently run important workloads (e.g., ML) on them efficiently.

I am also an amateur webtoonist. Check out my work if you know Korean. Otherwise, do not bother.

Email: kwmaeng91 [at] gmail [dot] com


CPR: Understanding and Improving Failure Tolerant Training for Deep Learning Recommendation with Partial Recovery

Kiwan Maeng, Shivam Bharuka, Isabel Gao, Mark C. Jeffrey, Vikram Saraph, Bor-Yiing Su, Caroline Trippel, Jiyan Yang, Mike Rabbat, Brandon Lucia, and Carole-Jean Wu
MLSys 2021 [PDF]

Adaptive Low-overhead Scheduling for Periodic and Reactive Intermittent Execution

Kiwan Maeng, Brandon Lucia
PLDI 2020 [PDF]

Enhancing Stratospheric Weather Analysis and Forecasts by Deploying Sensors from a Weather Balloon

Kiwan Maeng, Iskender Kushan, Brandon Lucia, Ashish Kapoor
NeurIPS 2019 Workshop
(spotlight talk)

Supporting Peripherals in Intermittent Systems with Just-In-Time Checkpoints

Kiwan Maeng, Brandon Lucia

Adaptive Dynamic Checkpointing for Safe Efficient Intermittent Computing

Kiwan Maeng, Brandon Lucia
OSDI 2018 [PDF]

Alpaca: Intermittent Execution Without Checkpoints

Kiwan Maeng, Alexei Colin, Brandon Lucia

Intermittent Computing: Challenges and Opportunities

Brandon Lucia, Vignesh Balaji, Alexei Colin, Kiwan Maeng, and Emily Ruppel
SNAPL 2017 [PDF]

Education & Experience

Facebook AI Research (SysML team)

Research Intern
Advised by Carole-Jean Wu
Summer 2020

Microsoft Research

Research Intern
Advised by Ashish Kapoor
Summer 2019

Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. candidate, ECE
Advised by Prof. Brandon Lucia
2016 - Current

Seoul National University

GPA: 4.14 / 4.30 (Summa Cum Laude)
*Spent 3 years for military duty. Graduated in 7 semester.
2010 - 2016*

Awards & Honors

  • KFAS Scholarship (Full funding for Ph.D. studies through 2016 ~ Current)
  • Summa Cum Laude (B.S., Seoul National University)
  • National Scholarship for Science and Engineering (Full funding for undergraduate tuition through 2010 ~ 2016)


I am also an amateur webtoon--(web + cartoon)--ist. I mainly work on Facebook, but my work has also been published! It is about scientists and engineers. Do not bother clicking the link if you cannot read Korean :)

I only draw when I have spare time, which means new episode rarely comes out. Still I have things to boast:


I am deeply into voluntary teaching. I worked as a teacher in various centers and organized / participated in a number of volunteering camps back in Korea. Here in the US I am less involved.. Though I teach Korean from time to time!

I love musicals and concerts, especially rocks. If you are a rock star, please consider visiting Pittsburgh when you plan for a tour.

I love detective novels, especially Japanese ones. If you know a good one please let me know.